Wildwood Drive Reopens Ahead of Schedule

St. Johns County Reopens Wildwood Drive Ahead of Schedule After Completing Emergency Repairs

St. Johns County reopened Wildwood Drive today after completing emergency repairs to an underground drainage pipe ahead of schedule. St. Johns County temporarily closed Wildwood Drive on Aug. 8 and planned to reopen it on Aug. 18, but the tireless work of one of the County’s regular contractors, G&H Underground Construction, Inc., and St. Johns County staff completed the project two days early.

St. Johns County communicated with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Fire Rescue, School Board Transportation, and other critical service providers prior to and during the closure to ensure County operations were coordinated.

“I am proud of our St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Public Works, Purchasing, and Public Affairs staff for collaborating on this, along with G&H Underground Construction team members for working so efficiently to safely complete this repair project ahead of schedule,” St. Johns County Public Works Director Greg Caldwell said.