Traffic Alert: Lane Closure on State Road 16

UPDATE: Lane closure has been extended to Thursday, March 14.

Starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 8, and continuing until Tuesday, March 12, a lane closure will be in effect on the eastbound right lane near Masters Drive as part of the County’s Santa Rosa Drainage Improvement Project.

Project Overview

The Santa Rosa Drainage Improvement Project aims to enhance the drainage infrastructure in the region for a more resilient and sustainable community. The following key improvements are underway:

1. Covino Avenue Transformation

A new conveyance system is being created along Covino Avenue, stretching from Varella Avenue to Murillo Avenue. This upgrade ensures efficient water flow and addresses drainage challenges in the area.

2. Covino Avenue and Lewis Speedway Upgrades

Upgrades are in progress on the existing conveyance system along Covino Avenue, extending from Murillo Avenue to Lewis Speedway. This step is essential in fortifying the drainage system and preventing potential issues in the future.

3. Lewis Speedway Enhancements

Further upgrades are being implemented on Lewis Speedway, ensuring a robust conveyance system from Covino Avenue to its outfall on the San Sebastian River. This strategic improvement contributes to the overall resilience of the drainage network.

4. Estrada Avenue Innovation

A new conveyance system is being introduced along Estrada Avenue, both east and west of Murillo Avenue. This addition enhances the drainage capabilities and supports the overall effectiveness of the project.

5. Murillo Avenue Outfall Improvement

Existing outfalls along Murillo Avenue, from Estrada Avenue to the San Sebastian River just west of Masters Drive south of SR 16, are being upgraded. This crucial step ensures a reliable and efficient drainage system in the specified area.

Community Collaboration

We understand that construction can pose inconveniences, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this period. The Santa Rosa Drainage Improvement Project is a collaborative effort towards a safer, more resilient community.