SJC Strategic Plan

Introducing St. Johns County Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Your Roadmap for a Thriving Community

st johns county strategic plan

Discover the St. Johns County Strategic Plan 2024-2029, your key tool for steering our community towards a sustainable and vibrant future. This plan acts as a comprehensive blueprint, guiding the organization’s endeavors in programming, services, operations, infrastructure, and overall county governance.

Designed to prioritize mission-critical activities, the strategic plan outlines a clear path for aligning the County’s budget with these priorities. By doing so, it aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in serving our community.

We value the input of our community members, as your participation is crucial to the success of this strategic plan. We invite you to be an integral part of shaping the future of St. Johns County. Your insights and ideas are vital in making our community an even better place to live, work, and play.

Join us in creating a roadmap for success and ensuring a thriving St. Johns County for years to come.

The strategic plan is a living document that we will use to define the future vision for the County. Having a strategic plan allows us to:

Transparent Prioritization for Effective Decision-Making

Communicate our priorities through a credible, forward-thinking framework that facilitates effective budget and policy decisions. This ensures we secure the necessary resources to sustain St. Johns County into the future.

Stability Amidst Change

Maintain a guiding “north star” that provides stability and certainty in the face of election cycles, leadership changes, economic fluctuations, and shifts in regulatory environments. This strategic approach empowers the County to influence its future direction and make informed decisions, especially during turbulent times.

Inclusive Decision-Making for All Residents

Make decisions and assess policies, plans, programs, and service delivery with the well-being of all County residents in mind. Our commitment is to ensure equitable and inclusive governance for the benefit of the entire community.

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