Public Notice – Sunset View PUD

The applicant has requested to withdraw PUD 2025-15 Sunset View PUD. The Sunset View PUD is an advertised public hearing item. Section 9.00.03 of the Land Development Code (LDC) requires the Board of County Commissioners to approve the withdrawal of this application.

LDC Section 9.00.03 states: Withdrawal of Applications – An application for any action under this Article may be withdrawn at any time so long as no notice has been given that the application will be reviewed at a public hearing. An application may be withdrawn thereafter, with the consent of the Board of County Commissioners or Planning and Zoning Agency, as applicable. The Planning and Zoning Agency heard PUD 2023-15 at its regular scheduled March 7, 2024, meeting and recommended denial with a 7-0 vote. The applicant has determined they will pursue alternatives in developing the property under the current zoning and has requested the PUD application be withdrawn from review and public hearing.