St. Johns County Recognizes May 2024 as Mental Health Awareness Month

At the April 16, 2024, St. Johns County Board of County Commission Regular Meeting, Sarah Arnold, Board Chair, District 2 issued a proclamation recognizing May 2024 as Mental Health Awareness Month. Representatives from Patients Not Prisoners attended the meeting to receive the proclamation.

The proclamation highlighted the importance of mental health in sustaining an individual’s well-being, encompassing thought processes, relationships, productivity, and adaptability to change. It emphasized the long-term consequences of neglecting mental health, particularly in children and adolescents, can extend into adulthood.

Mental Health Awareness Month stresses the necessity for increased empathetic responses towards those incarcerated and struggling with mental illness. It advocated for a shift towards restorative rather than punitive treatment, aiming to reduce stigma and provide necessary support.

Recognizing that community understanding and available support services play a pivotal role in helping individuals cope with stress and adversity, St. Johns County remains committed to addressing mental health challenges. The county aims to foster awareness and support for those affected by mental illness through public education and civic engagement activities.

Mental Health Awareness Month serves as a crucial opportunity to enhance public understanding of mental health, promote the identification and treatment of mental illness, and advocate for overall mental health and wellness. The benefits of such efforts lead to higher productivity, improved educational outcomes, reduced crime rates, stronger economies, lower healthcare costs, enhanced family life, improved quality of life, and increased lifespan.

For those seeking further information and resources on supporting mental health, visit the Patients Not Prisoners website.