Joy Andrews, County Administrator, Delivers Keynote Address at St. Johns County Council on Aging’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

During a commemorative event on Friday, February 23, the St. Johns County Council on Aging honored its 50th anniversary, with Joy Andrews, County Administrator, delivering the keynote address.

Since its inception in 1974, the Council on Aging has been at the forefront of advocating for the dignity, independence, health, and community engagement of older residents in St. Johns County. From its modest beginnings, where it served congregate meals to 60 participants at Flagler Hospital and delivered Meals on Wheels to just five homebound elders in its inaugural year, the organization has grown exponentially in its service to the community.

Entering its 50th year of service, the Council on Aging has evolved into a vital resource for the community. With six senior community centers across St. Johns County, the organization now delivers over 300 Meals on Wheels daily, operates five Integrative Memory Enhancement Programs, and runs an Adult Day Care Center. Additionally, it provides essential services and companionship to residents, offering a diverse schedule of classes and activities ranging from writing and exercise to painting, yoga, book clubs, and movie clubs. The Council on Aging further enriches the community with its development of the Sunshine Bus public transportation network and River House Evens venue.

Joy Andrews, County Administrator, expressed gratitude for the Council on Aging’s immense contributions to the community over the years, emphasizing its vital role in supporting residents, particularly during times of need. She lauded the organization’s meal support at the Emergency Operations Center, noting the deliciousness of their famed fried chicken.

As the Council on Aging embarks on its next 50 years of service, it continues to be a beacon of support and empowerment for older adults in St. Johns County. For those seeking more information about the Council on Aging and its services, visit their website for valuable resources, caregiver support, health strategies, wellness information, and opportunities for community engagement.

The 50th anniversary celebration not only marked a significant milestone for the Council on Aging but also served as a testament to its enduring commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors in the community. With unwavering dedication and a vision for the future, the organization remains steadfast in its mission to promote aging with dignity, purpose, and joy for all.