Framework for Open Governance and Enhanced Operational Efficiency

St. Johns County Administrator Joy Andrews shared her “Charting Performance” presentation to the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) during its Nov. 21 regular meeting to introduce a new organizational chart and other key changes that reflect the County’s dedication to innovation and responsive governance. Andrews made history on Oct. 31, becoming the first female County Administrator in the history of St. Johns County.

“These changes underscore our commitment to delivering services efficiently, with a heightened focus on accountability and openness,” Andrews said. “We will cultivate a culture of performance excellence, ensuring that our community experiences the highest standard of service, coupled with a transparent government. Furthermore, we will have greater emphasis on the interconnectivity of our County with external entities. We are seeking to foster stronger collaborations, streamline communication, and maximize opportunities for partnerships that will directly benefit our community.”

The organizational changes do not include adding more employees this fiscal year and feature these organizational adjustments:

  • The creation of an Infrastructure Delivery Team consisting of eight departments led by Deputy County Administrator Colin Groff and a Services Delivery Team comprised of 10 departments led by Deputy County Administrator Brad Bradley. These teams will collaborate on capital projects and services, breaking down department silos to leverage staff expertise to be innovative on solutions and sustain improvements.
  • A new Office of Performance and Transparency led by new Chief Performance Officer Sarah Taylor, who previously served as Assistant County Administrator. There will be the development of key performance indicators for County departments, the use of data to identify areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance effectiveness and report the County’s progress to the public.
  • A new Office of Intergovernmental Affairs led by Adam Tecler, who previously served as Grants and Legislative Development Manager. The team will develop strategies to secure grant funds and state appropriations for County projects, strengthen relations across various local, state, and federal government organizations, and assess and advocate for policies that may impact St. Johns County.

“We are going to redefine ourselves, our standards, and the level of public services we provide,” Andrews said.