Commissioner Roy Alaimo Celebrates Grand Opening of Koryo Do

Commissioner Roy Alaimo helped celebrate the grand opening of Koryo Do, a martial arts school in St. Augustine South. It is a locally owned business that teaches martial arts to adults and kids. As a youth, Commissioner Alaimo did martial arts for many years.

“I learned discipline, self-control, and responsibility from training in martial arts,” Commissioner Alaimo said.

Koryo Do’s school roots and primary instruction are based on the Korean martial art known as Tae Kwon Do. Modern Tae Kwon Do is known as a “hard” style and is famous for its devastating kicks. Koryo Do has developed a softer style that harkens back to the older Korean martial art styles of Subak and Taekkyon, which were influenced by the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu. While kicks are still heavily emphasized, Koryo Do trains in deflection, grappling, and immobilization techniques. Children are taught escape drills and learn anti-bullying techniques.

As a small business here in St. Johns, they also offer employment opportunities. According to Evolve Magazine, Florida Commerce has announced that the unemployment rate for the Jacksonville region was 3.3 percent in February 2024 – unchanged from 3.3 percent in January 2024.More specifically, the Regional Employment Update showed St. John’s County continued to record the lowest unemployment rate in the region (3.0 percent).