Business Incentive Program

St. Johns County Incentive Program

Economic Development is a top priority of the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners. The Board shares a unified commitment to attract new business development, to expand and diversify the tax base, and to create jobs for local residents. Success in economic development ensures St. Johns County’s long-term financial ability to provide ongoing quality services and infrastructure and preserve the quality of life for its residential and corporate citizens. Insofar as these objectives are generally served by the enhancement and expansion of the local economy, St. Johns County will give consideration to providing economic development grants as a stimulus for new business development within the County.

As referenced by Ordinance 2014-30, St. Johns County has an established point system for determining a base value an applicant could receive for each of these categories: Locating a new industry, expanding an existing business, or developing speculative space within the County.

Select Florida

Florida recognizes that businesses create jobs, invest in the community, and generate economic growth. SelectFlorida is the state of Florida’s official international commerce organization, serving as a catalyst for economic development, economic diversification into targeted industries, and high-wage job creation for Floridians. Find out why Florida is a great location for your business and why innovative businesses like yours belong in an innovative state like Florida.

For More Information

St. Johns County’s Office of Economic Development serves as the designated primary partnership with Select Florida. For more information about local, state and federal incentive programs or how to submit an application, please contact the department.