Beach Accessible Wheelchairs

Beach Accessible Wheelchair Reservations

To help make our beaches more accessible, beach accessible wheelchairs are available at no charge.

Please note:

  • At least three days advance notification is required to reserve a wheelchair.
  • There is a limited supply, and the wheelchairs book up very quickly in the Spring and Summer months.
  • Our department is not able to guarantee a delivery time on the first date of your reservation, and we ask that you return the chair to where it was delivered by 3pm on the last date of your reservation.
  • Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.
  • Wheelchairs can be reserved for up to 7 days in a row, if available.
  • Wheelchairs can be delivered to certain beachfront parks and vehicular access ramps.
  • When staff delivers the beach accessible wheelchair, they will secure it using a bicycle lock. Once your reservation has been confirmed, you will be given the combination to open this lock.
  • Please keep the chair locked when not in use.

Beach Accessible Wheelchairs can be reserved through our Online Reservation System. You will be required to create an account before submitting your first reservation request.

For more information concerning our beach accessible wheelchairs, or to confirm your reservation, please contact SJC Beach Services at (904) 209-0331 or