About SJC Animal Control

Our Mission Statement

First and foremost, we are public servants. Protecting people from animals and animals from people.

Our Goals & Responsibilities

  • Our main goals and responsibilities are to return lost pets to their owners and adopt animals that don’t have a home.
  • Impound dogs and cats at large in St. Johns County in accordance with County Ordinance 2017-36, Leash & Dangerous Law Ordinance.
  • Provide traps to contain dogs and cats that are sick, injured, vicious, bite case animals, or nuisance strays.
  • Transport contained dogs and cats that are captured and contained by private citizens.
  • Enforce the County wide Leash & Dangerous Law Ordinance for dogs and cats.
  • Identification and return of lost pets.
  • Answer animal-related questions posed by citizens.
  • Aid in control of animal diseases including rabies.
  • Aid other agencies when needed. (Sheriff’s Office, Humane Society, Wildlife, St. Augustine Police Dept., St. Augustine Beach Police Dept. and area veterinarians.)
  • Promote responsible pet ownership.
  • Education programs for the County Schools.

Animal Control Officers & Field Services

St. Johns County Animal Control is a division of the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners.

Animal Control Officers

The Division of Animal Control has six full time Animal Control Officers on staff at this time. Our Animal Control Officers are here to protect both the citizens and the pets of St. Johns County. They do this by enforcing the laws established by our County; laws that were established to safeguard both our citizens and their pets.

The Officers of Animal Control are in the field seven days a week. They respond to various concerns from setting cat traps, and looking for stray dogs / cats, to checking on the welfare of animals. We also have an Officer on call (Emergencies Only) every night, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. (904) 209-0746.

  • Paul Studivant
    Animal Control Operations Manager
    Mr. Studivant has been with St. Johns County Animal Control since 1995.
  • Ed Martin
    Animal Control Officer | since 2004
  • Greg Lockhart
    Animal Control Officer | since 2021
  • Sherri Holder
    Animal Control Officer | since 2021
  • Kim Mayo
    Animal Control Officer | since 2021
  • Cindy Dillard
    Animal Control Officer | since 2023
  • Dawn Baele
    Animal Control Officer | Since 2024

Pet Center

Pet Center

Our Pet Center has an excellent staff that feeds, waters, cleans, and medicates the animals in our care. We have two veterinary technicians that process every animal that comes through our door. The animals are looked over thoroughly, scanned for microchips, and given needed medications.

The Pet Center has a wide variety of dogs and cats that are looking for a loving home. Check out our Pets of the Week. We encourage you to bring your family and your “furry” family members to interact and ensure a good fit. Please come visit us soon at 130 N. Stratton Rd., St. Augustine.

Monthly Shelter Reports

Overpopulation. The Humane Society estimates that U.S. shelters take in 6-8 million dogs and cats every year. Approximately half of these animals are euthanized. One of the best means we have of ending this problem is by making sure to spay and neuter our pets.

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