I had a house or car fire. How do I get a copy of an Incident Report?
Please contact Fire Prevention Administration at (904) 209-1740.

I was involved in an accident last week. St. Johns County Fire Rescue transported me to the hospital. How do I get a copy of the report?
To acquire a medical record you must have a medical authorization signed by the patient, the patient’s guardian or a subpoena. The request for Medical Records must be made in writing with the patient's full name, address, date of incident and approximate time of day to assist in locating the report. The request may be mailed or faxed to:

St. Johns County Fire-Rescue
Attn: Patient Records
3657 Gaines Rd,
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 209-1730
Fax: (904) 209-1739

I was sent a bill for ambulance transport. Who do I call to give my insurance information or ask questions about the bill?
To provide your insurance information, you may call St. Johns County Fire-Rescue EMS Office. Their phone number is (904) 209-1730.

Do you give CPR and First Aid classes?
Our Heartsaver Course section has more information about these classes.

My business fire alarm just went off. It is a false alarm. Who do I call to report this?
First, be sure it is a false alarm! Make sure you check for smoke or fire. If it is a false alarm, you should contact your Alarm Company. The alarm company will notify Fire-Rescue. If the fire truck has already left the bay, it is officially a false alarm.

Who do I contact for information about storage / disposal of paint, oil, or other hazardous materials?
For information on the disposal of hazardous materials, citizens should contact the Solid Waste Office at (904) 824-9720.

The fire hydrant in front of my house leaks. Who should I contact?
The fire department is not responsible for the maintenance of fire hydrants. All calls should be direct to the water utilities department which services your area (who you pay your water bill to).

Can I plant trees or shrubs around the hydrant on my property?
Required clearances are seven and one half foot (7' 6") in front of and to the side of the fire hydrant, with a four foot (4') clearance to the rear of the hydrant. (NFPA 1:

What is the closest fire station and / or hydrant to my residence or business?
Residential Information on our website has more information about this. However, if you reside within the City of St. Augustine, please call (904) 825-1098 for more information.

How do I obtain fire station information for my insurance company?
Please contact our office at (904) 209-1740 for specific information about the stations.

Do I need a permit to burn yard trash?
Yes. The Division of Forestry is responsible for the issuing of permits. Contact the Division of Forestry at (386) 446-6786. Contact the Fire Marshal’s office at (904) 209-1740 for more information.

Who can inspect or install my child's car seat?
Please contact the Tax Collector's office for more information at (904) 209-2250.

How do I set up a fire-related educational program, visit a fire station, or arrange a school visit?
Contact Jenn Hampton at (904) 209-1779 or see the Public Education section of the website.

How do I pay for a permit?
Permits are paid for at the Building Services cashier desk. Checks can be made out to St. Johns County BOCC. They also accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. The Building Services' phone number is (904) 827-6800. They are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm.