Fire Prevention

firefighters raising flagOur Responsibilities

The Fire Prevention Section of St. Johns County Fire Rescue is responsible for a number of activities mandated by Florida Law or Administrative Code. The Prevention Section staff performs both plans review and field inspections to determine fire code compliance for all construction activities involving both new and existing structures in the County, with the exception of detached one and two-family dwellings. The Fire Prevention Section also performs either scheduled or periodic fire safety inspections of all buildings in the County as required by Chapter 633 Florida Statutes, to enforce the applicable provisions of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

Additionally, we perform a number of related functions, including identifying and mapping all fire hydrants in the County, reviewing development applications to determine that Fire Code and Land Development Code requirements for fire department accessibility and water supply are met.

Public Education

Prevention Section staff also develop and coordinate the department’s public education activities. These include offering programs children in kindergarten through 3rd grade, and a Juvenile Firesetter Program specifically developed for high-risk children who have been identified as having set fires or been involved in playing with fire.


public education event